Ann-Marie Ablett, nurse

Ann-Marie Ablett, Nurse, Orbis Volunteer, Ambassador

Ann-Marie has volunteered with Orbis for over a decade, using her annual leave to train nurses all over the world.

This amazing woman has been on more than 30 assignments to 15 countries across three continents, shared her skills with hundreds of nurses and treated over 1000 patients. She has worked in Zambia on 6 occasions, on 7 projects and has a keen interest in the development of the services at Kitwe Eye Annex, identifying talent and referring nurses for further training. The nurses from the hospital text her almost every morning to see how she is, such is her impact on those she works with.

In 2014, Ann-Marie was awarded the Royal College of Nursing in Wales Humanitarian Ward, for her dedication to improving healthcare services in developing countries. She is much respected by those she works with and has spoken about her experiences with Orbis on multiple occasions, including in front of Her Royal The Countess of Wessex.

Learn more about Ann-Marie's adventures Orbis here.

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