Dr Ian Fleming training Vietnamese clinicians, all dressed in scrubs

Dr Ian Fleming, Consultant Anaesthetist, Orbis Volunteer and Ambassador

Ian is a long-time Orbis volunteer who enthusiastically joins in with every project and was made an ambassador in 2017 for his dedication to Orbis both on programme and to his work to promote the charity.

Ian has a can-do attitude, making him an invaluable and adaptable teacher. He enjoys working in different environments, especially within our partner hospitals and after 15 years of volunteering, he is still as keen as ever.

Having been on 16 programmes to 12 countries since 2005, he was one of the first UK volunteers to work with our new plane on its very first programme, which took place in China.

He has been to Syria, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Nepal among other countries with Orbis and regularly supports the charity by delivering public speeches to raise awareness of avoidable blindness.

Volunteer story: Anaesthetist Ian Fleming tells us what it's really like to deliver training

June 02, 2020

Ian Fleming, a consultant anaesthetist at King’s College Hospital, has been an Orbis volunteer since 2005. Over the past 15 years he has trained fellow anaesthetists in countries including Syria, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, and Vietnam, both onboard the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and within local hospitals.
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