Treating Pinki for cataract - Qatar Creating Vision

It was Pinki’s grandfather who brought her to the hospital supported by Orbis and the Qatar Fund for Development, through the Qatar Creating Vision initiative.

Qatar Creating Vision is the eye health initiative funded by the Qatar Fund for Development and implemented by Orbis. In 2016 the initiative was launched to reduce childhood blindness across India and Bangladesh.

India and Bangladesh have some of the highest childhood blindness numbers in the world. Accessing treatment can be very expensive or may be too far away to reach. With 80% of a child’s learning processed through their vision, a lack of sight can mean a lack of education and missed opportunities. Promisingly, there is much that can be done – half of childhood blindness is preventable or treatable which means that vast numbers of children are suffering unnecessarily.

Since birth, both of Pinki’s eyes had continuously flickered back and forth. They were opaque with cataracts, but due to circumstances, her parents never sought treatment.

Pinki's family then decided to move in with her grandfather who lived nine hours away. Having recently undergone cataract surgery himself, he realised that Pinki was suffering from the same condition and knew exactly what he should do. He told us:

Even more than the cloudi­ness, it was her danc­ing eyes that caught my con­cern. They nev­er stop flickering.

He took Pinki to Orbis supported Sadguru Netra Chikitsalya hospital, where he had received treatment. At the hospital, Pinki was assessed and scheduled for surgery to remove the cataracts from both eyes. Before her operation her grandfather said:

I’m very hope­ful because I was treat­ed here and now I’m doing fine. I am in my 70s and after I received surgery here for my own cataract, I can now thread a nee­dle per­fect­ly. I’m extreme­ly hope­ful for her future.

Pinki underwent her surgery and with her sight restored, Pinki returned to school.

2020 brings the first phase of Qatar Creating Vision to a close. After four busy years, 6.6 million eye tests and treatments have been delivered to children like Pinki, providing so many with the opportunity to see clearly again.

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