Patient stories: Tanvir the budding business man

In 2018, we took five students from ACS International Schools to India to witness our work and report back on what they saw. In Chennai, they met Tanvir and this is his story...

This is from Bangladesh. In 2016 he was was hit in the eye by a stone whilst playing outside; he developed floaters in his eye and struggled to see. Because he is so clever (and mischievous, according to his mother Monni), he continued to excel at school with this condition – scoring a very impressive 97% score on a math test just before we met him.

The budding business man, who loves cricket, had an operation to correct his vision in Bangladesh. Sadly, this didn’t work and his mother was terrified about what the future might hold for her son. Tanvir’s brother, who lives in Chennai, recommended his family come and stay with him to get treatment.

Both Tanvir and Monni spent four days journeying by bus and train to Orbis partner Sankara Nethralaya, to seek a second opinion on his eye condition. This hospital has one of the first paediatric ophthalmology centres in India and has been working with Orbis for almost 20 years. It also has one of the lowest post-surgery infection rates in the world! The doctors operated, and we met Tanvir in recovery where he was waiting to have his patch removed. Cheerful Tanvir was doing great, being cheeky to his mum and feeling very positive about his operation.

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