SIGHTLINES Episode 8: AI & Simulation: A New Frontier

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For decades, Orbis has pursued ways to use the latest technologies to treat and prevent blindness around the world. That investment has paid enormous dividends during the pandemic, enabling the organization to safely continue providing mentorship, support and training globally.

In this episode, we explore how we’ve added artificial intelligence (AI) to our toolkit in the fight against global blindness, how simulation is playing a bigger role than ever, the implications of these technologies on the future of eye care, and how the next steps may or may not be influenced by current events.

Guests Dr. Michael Abramoff, Founder and Chairman of Digital Diagnostics; Dr. Nicolas Jaccard, Principal AI Architect at Orbis International; and Captain Cyndhi Berwyn, FedEx Pilot, discuss the use of these cutting-edge technologies in eye care. Dr. Danny Haddad returns to discuss the power of simulation in ongoing education.

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