Florence Branchu

Florence Branchu, Director of Orbis in the Middle East

Florence Branchu’s passion for fundraising started while at university where she led various campaigns with her fellow students. She continued to organise fundraising events for various causes when she moved to the USA. But it was 10 years ago, once she had moved to the UK, that she decided to transfer her marketing, events management and relationship building skills to a new area and focus entirely on the not-for profit sector.

Since she joined Orbis, Florence has been committed to building trust and accountability with our strategic partners across the Middle East. She’s had the privilege to organise multiple Royal and Flying Eye Hospital visits to Qatar.

Rebecca Cronin, Orbis UK’s CEO says “Flo is a connector, her connecting abilities combined with her dedication and energy has made the Middle East a viable source of strategic support and funding for the global organisation.

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