In 2019, we spoke to Alexander who was 69 at the time. He told us he had been suffering with his vision for at least a year. Before his sight deteriorated, he worked as a store manager for the Ghana Forces for 39 years. Unfortunately, his cataracts forced him to give up his work.


If I’m walking…it’s as if it was dark.”

He has six children and twelve grandchildren, who he is very proud of. “I like education, so I educated them. All of my children were educated.” He loves his grandchildren, he said, although he couldn’t see his youngest when he was born – “I couldn’t see the baby’s face.” He mimed feeling his grandchild’s face and explained –“But when I went and did this... the baby is fine!”

He previously had an operation to remove the cataract from his left eye, he told us, but after that he had “heavy, heavy pains” and didn’t feel his vision had improved much. After his most recent surgery, which took place at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital as part of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital programme, he could see “everything”.

Now that he had his sight, Alexander looked forward to spending time with his grandchildren and reading his bible. He had a big grin on his face when he exclaimed – “God bless you all for doing this.”

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