Preferred Practices and Simulation Workshops

The first Preferred Practices Workshops held on-board the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital, in Qatar in March 2017, aimed to provide an opportunity to share and disseminate best practices among a wide range of eye care professionals. Orbis hosted another set of interactive workshops on the occasion of the "Doha Healthcare Week" in November 2018.

The Ophthalmic Medical Community in Qatar

In March 2017, the International Health Relations Department from the Qatar Ministry of Public Health enabled Orbis to bring together more than 30 key stakeholders from the ophthalmic medical community in Qatar.

The workshop was led by long time Orbis medical volunteer and paediatric ophthalmologist, Dr Donny Suh, covering topics including paediatric ophthalmology, managing ocular traumas and looking for underlying conditions masqued by infections.

Fellow Orbis volunteer, Dr Daniel Neely joined the afternoon session by live video conference, leading a seminar on paediatric cataract surgery techniques.

Additionally, the Flying Eye Hospital’s advanced broadcasting system and Orbis’s telemedicine platform, Cybersight, enabled more than 300 medical professionals from 94 locations and 49 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, to join the webinar.

Stars of Science

“Stars of Science” is the flagship “edutainment reality” TV format initiated by Qatar Foundation. It showcases aspiring science and technology entrepreneurs.

In the ninth season, nine candidates were challenged to develop creative solutions to regional problems within the fields of information technology, energy, environment, and health. An expert panel of jurors assessed and eliminated candidates and their innovative products in Prototyping and Customer Validation episodes, until only four remained.

One of the competing candidates aimed to develop an innovative product related to the eye test. Taking advantage of having a pool of experts in the country, the show’s producer followed the Flying Eye Hospital’s journey in Qatar. Orbis's medical volunteer, Dr Donny Suh also spent time with the candidate, Hassina, on the set of the reality TV show, challenging her and giving her some guidance!

Interactive Workshops and the Doha Healthcare Week

In November 2018, on the occasion of the World Innovation Summit for Health and the Doha Healthcare week, Orbis led once again a series of workshops and simulations onboard the aircraft for Qatar's medical professionals, focusing on: Cataract (Phaco); Medical Retina; Phacoemulsification using Eyesi; Demonstrations using the model eye – broadcasted from the Flying Eye Hospitals’s Operating Theatre on Complex Cataract Case's and Glaucoma Trab Surgery.

Orbis was honoured to welcome onboard Her Excellency Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Qatar Minister of Public Health.

Orbis Simulation Center Manual

This World Sight Day (2020) Orbis announced the release of our Simulation Center Manual. It represents the culmination of our experience delivering simulation training to thousands of eye care professionals across several continents, and supporting dozens of global partners as they develop and integrate simulation training into their teaching institutions and programmes. Like all Orbis resources, the manual is available free of charge to ensure that all eye care professionals can benefit from it.

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